Fotografie door Liselore Tempel

Hi, my name is Liselore and i'm a wedding photographer.

My goal is very simple; document what's happening. All of it. The little smiles, small embraces, big laughs, quiet tears, fingers intertwined, subtle glances, and first steps. None of these things will ever happen the way they happened today. And it should be captured in a way that is beautiful and full of feeling.

I would rather photograph you enjoying your wedding than tear you away from it. I'm observing and documenting. With a little patience, all of the moments you want captured will happen on their own, and I will be there to catch them. For me, that's good wedding photography.

"Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work."

- Martin Parr

My workflow

You’ve just gotten engaged (congrats!) and now you have a lot of decisions to make...And one of them is about wedding photography.

If you have decided to book me as your photographer, you will secure your date with a deposit of 25% of the total. I am always available via email and text for anything that pops up along the way. When your wedding day is almost there, I will reach out to you (or your wedding planner) to discuss the final details 🙂

The day following the wedding you will receive a sneak peek with a handful of images. Your final gallery will be ready in four to six weeks. If you've chosen a package deal, you will also receive a full HD slideshow! Once the gallery is delivered you are invited to select photos for your album. I will design and order your handmade album, which you will receive by mail.

If you feel a connection to my work and would like more information, fill out the contact form. You will then receive a brochure from me with more info. I would love to grab a coffee (even if just virtually) and chat so I can answer all of your questions. Questions about how the day will go, how many hours of coverage you might need, and how you will receive your images. But more important than all of those questions is weather or not you can imagine spending your wedding day with me by your side. It is an important day and you deserve to be surrounded by those you feel comfortable with.

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